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The doxo System is no Scam - It Does Make Bill Paying Easier

August 15, 2019
The bill paying segment of the economy represents approximately half of all household spending. That is why the folks who created doxo started their financial services company in the first place. The act of managing and paying all the bills in a typical household is one of the most frustrating and confounding tasks every family has to face. On average, a household will have to pay 10 or more bills every month. IN order to d that, they often have to juggle several online accounts. Not only that, but some creditorsstill won't take a credit card and many websites aren’t accessible via a mobile phone or tablet.

The doxo bill payment service, doxoPAY, allows any user to set up auto-pay for any payment, and to limit the amount. This, of course, serves at least two purposes, in that you get to track your bill paying at the same time it sets up something of an alarm, when a bill is higher than usual. If your usual summer electric bill is $150 or less, and you set the auto-pay limit to that level, you'll know immediately when the bill goes above that.